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Onderwerp: Adobe Acrobat

How can I reverse the order of pages in a PDF document?

Imagine you have scanned a batch of documents, and they are in reversed order.In order to swap them around, you have to use the Javascript engine of Acrobat.1. Open de Javascript console (Ctrl-J)2. En...

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Onderwerp: Adobe CC

Adobe Creative Cloud Apps keep on asking to Sign In

In my case, Adobe folders didn't had permissions and activation files were corrupted. Permissions can change due to conflict with other software or if group policy in your company is changed. ...

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Onderwerp: Adobe Fireworks

Adobe Fireworks keeps asking for license key although you have CC license

If you're using Fireworks from Adobe Creative Cloud and you notice it keeps asking me for a "serial number, follow these steps: Stop Fireworks Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Commo...

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Onderwerp: Chrome

How to add a "Send to email" button to your browser?

Some browsers have a handy function to send the url of a webpage via e-mail. To achieve this, add a bookmark, and specify the following URL: javascript:location.href='mailto:?SUBJECT='+d...

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Onderwerp: Contribute

How can i edit the source code of page in Contribute ?

You may wish to edit source code of a page, e.g. to edit some Javascript. Contribute cannot directly edit page code. However, you can tell Contribute to edit the page in an "external applicati...

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Onderwerp: cookies

Hoe verwijder ik de cookies uit mijn browser?

Cookies verwijderen in Chrome Eenmalig cookies verwijderen in Chrome Klik op de 3 puntjes rechtsboven > 'Geschiedenis' > 'Geschiedenis' Klik in de linke...

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Onderwerp: Dreamweaver

Na upgrade naar Dreamweaver 21 kan ik geen SSH2/SFTP verbinding meer maken met mijn server

De nieuwere versie van Adobe Dreamweaver onderetunt standaard geen verouderde OpenSSH-protocollen meer. U kan het verouderde RSA/SHA1 in het Dreamweaver-configuratiebestand opnieuw instel...

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Onderwerp: Excel

I am no longer able to navigate through the cells of my worksheet

Typically, when you press the arrow keys, the active cursor moves to the next cell. If this doesn't happen anymore, you might have (accidentally) activated Scroll Lock. Simply press the Scroll ...

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Onderwerp: Facebook

Waarom kan ik geen gebruikersnaam specifiëren voor mijn porofessionele Facebookpagina?

Jouw Facebook pagina moet minstens 25 volgers hebben vooraleer je een gebruikersnaam kan ingeven. Bovendien moet je beheerder zijn om dit te kunnen doen. De gebruikersnaam van je pagina wordt weergeg...

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Onderwerp: Firefox

What is a browser ?

Simple question, no ? Not for everybody it apparently... Check out Google's street interview !

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How can I lower the memory footprint of Mozilla Firefox ?

Looking to Reduce Your Firefox Footprint? Firefox is supposed to have efficient memory handling, especially with the release of version 3. However, that doesn't appear to be the case out of the...

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Can I change the default (wrong) country specific version of Google when searching via Google in Firefox ?

To search on, you just have to type in and will automatically appear. For your info, the ‘ncr’ refers to No Country Redirect. A good thing about ...

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Onderwerp: Fotografie

Gratis cursussen digitale fotografie ?

Canon biedt een aantl handige tips aan:

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Hoe maak ik fotos van de sterrenhemel ?

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Onderwerp: GMail

Hoe voeg ik een handtekening of footer toe aan elke uitgaande e-mail?

Dit kan je eenvoudig doen in GMail via het Instellingen menu onder het kopje Handtekening:

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Onderwerp: Google 2FA

Wat is tweestaps verificatie in Google?

Tweestaps verificatie zorgt ervoor dat inloggen in Google beter beveiligd is. Praktisch beteknt dit dat telkens wanneer je jouw Google paswoord ingeeft (de "1e stap") nu ook een extr...

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Onderwerp: Google Contacts

Can I sync my Google Contacts with Outlook 2010?

Yes, and even for free!

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Onderwerp: Google Privacy

Can I see and delete my personal data Google stores ?

Yep. Check out Google Dashboard and be surprised...

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Onderwerp: Google Search

Kan ik m'n sitemap opnieuw ingeven aan Google Search Console?

Het Make IT Work CMS genereert automatisch een sitemap.xml document voor uw website Dat kan, en wel op twee manieren: Via Google Search Console: Ga naar

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Onderwerp: GoogleDrive

I cannot change the proxy settings in Google Drive when connected directly. The Apply Changes button is greyed out

This can happen if you switched between "direct connection" and "automatically detect proxy settings". In my case, it was stuck on "direct connection", but at work I need...

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Onderwerp: Graphics

Can I make my own tilt-shift images?

Yep, using the free on-line service

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Can I look for a specific font when I onbly have an image of it ?

Yes, you sure can !Go to and follow the instructions.

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Onderwerp: GSM

Mijn Proximus GSM springt te snel op voicemail. Hoe pas ik aantal belsignalen aan?

Het aantal belsignalen zelf kan je niet aanpassen, maar wel het aantal seconden: Proximus: **61*+32475151516*11*30# of  **61*+32475151516**30# Base: **61*+32486191933**30# of *61*+32...

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Onderwerp: Hardware

Help ! a key fell off my laptop keyboard

One or more keys fell off the laptop keyboard and you are not sure how to put them back? Don’t worry, most likely you can fix the keyboard and it’s not necessary to buy a new one. There is...

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Onderwerp: image

Looking for a free File convertor that also works from right-mouse button click?

File Converter is a very simple tool which allows you to convert and compress one or several file(s) using the context menu in windows explorer. And it's FREE!

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Onderwerp: iPad

Can the iPad sync multiple Google calendars in Agenda ?

Yes, via a work-around: Enable the Safari debug on your Mac or PC. Set the user agent to iPhone Go to Turn off JavaScript...

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How can I remove those nasty little particles of dust and lint which got stuck under my screen protector ?

You all know the feeling... You spend nearly half an hour meticulously cleaning your hands and the surface of your shiny new iPad (or iPhone)... Then, you  apply the screen protector, real...

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My iPad seems not to be charging via USB when I hook it up to my PC ?

The iPad requries a powered USB 2.0 port, since it requires 10 Watts to charge it's battery. Many people have reported though that the device shows "Not Charging" when they connect their iPad to suc...

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Onderwerp: iPhone

Can I sync more than one Google agenda to my smartphone?

Yes. By default, only the default calendar is synced to your phone. Go here to enable additional calendars:

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Onderwerp: Legitimatie OE

Hoe kan je jouw legitimatiebewijs QR code downloaden bij Erfgoed Vlaanderen?

Surf naar Klik in de paarse balk op "aanmelden" en meld je aan (met itsme gaat het zeer vlot) Wanneer je...

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Onderwerp: Magento

Cannot read CSV file exported from Magento

Check this link:

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Onderwerp: MapSource

Problems with registry settings of MapSource GPS software on 64bit versions of Windows ?

Remember that 32bit applications (such as MapSource) store their settings in HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Garmin\MapSource iso. HKLM\SOFTWARE\Garmin\MapSource

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Onderwerp: Minelab Equinox

Waar vind ik de nederlandstalige handleiding van de Minelab Nox 800?

De Nederlandstalige Snelstart voor Minelab Equinox 800 De Engelstalige Snelstart voor Minelab Equinox 800 De Engelstalige handleiding voor Minelab Equinox 800

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Wat betekent het gevarendriehoekje op m'n display?

Wanneer je gaat zoeken op het strand zijn er goede kansen om munten en sieraden te vinden onder steigers en promenades, naast trappen en toegangmanieren van en naar het strand. Lokaliseer de gebied...

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Onderwerp: NAS

How to test the actual speed of my NAS device

Use the Intel NAS Performance Toolkit:

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Onderwerp: Network

How do I enable Wake on LAN on my D-link DIR655?

1. Login the router and go to Virtual Server page. 2. Add a new rule: - select the application "Wake-on-LAN" and hit the "

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Onderwerp: Office

Can I open ODF files in Microsoft Office ?

Yes you can, using the free ODF converter plugin for Excel, Powerpoint and Word, available at

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How can i get rid of right sidebar with publicity in Word or Excel Starter?

Although it is not allowed (cfr. EULA), you can hide this bar using a small utility, available at

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Onderwerp: Outlook

How to repair corrupted PST file ?

Repairing a Personal Folders file (.pst) You may need to use the Inbox Repair Tool if you open your Outlook .pst file and receive this message: Unable to expand the folder. The set of folders could ...

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Onderwerp: PC

How can I obtain serial number form my PC?

Open a command prompt and type "wmic bios get serialnumber"

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Onderwerp: Photography

Can I retrieve photos from a corrupted SD memory card ?

Fortunately, you can !!Use the freeware FileRecovey tool from PCInspector, available at

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Is there an easy way to calibrate your screen ?

Yes, take a look at and follow the instructions.

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Looking for a decent bag to store your camera but cannot make up your mind ?

Then try the Kata-bags website where you can look for the ideal model, basedon your camera model !

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Is there any free Image Stitching software ?

Yes... Microsoft Image Composite Editor (ICE) University of British Columbia's AutoStitch

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Onderwerp: Photoshop

Easier way to add watermark to multiple images.

Kigo Image converter is the tool !

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Onderwerp: proximus

Wat zijn de juiste Proximus internet en email settings voor mijn smartphone?

Internet Instellingen APN: user: leeg pass: leeg MMS Instellingen APN: user: mms pass: mmss MMSC: Proxy : V...

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Onderwerp: RoundCube

RoudnCube webmail is getting slow and MDB2 errors are shown in the log file

Empty the tables "messages" and "cache".In addition, and as a general maintenance job, defragment (ALTER TABLE <table_name>) the tables.

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Onderwerp: seo

Wat zijn UTM tags en waarom dienen ze?

Je hebt ze waarschijnlijk al gezien, die stukjes code in een URL: ‘…?utm_source=linkedin&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=education... Wanneer je het gebruik van jouw website wil...

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Onderwerp: SMTP

How can I test an SMTP server via telnet ?

telnet 25 helo me mail from:[email protected] rcpt to:[email protected] data This is a test . =========== Here is yet another example...

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Onderwerp: Software

I just bought myself a new PC and it is full of bloatware. How do I get rid of all this unwanted software easily ?

Simple: download and run

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Onderwerp: Support

Is there an alternative for TeamViewer, VNC or LogmeIn ?

Yep, a very lightweight tool called Ammyy. It doesn't need to be installed - just run it and you're off.Download it from

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Onderwerp: Thunderbird

I am using Zindus to sync my Google contacts with Thunderbird. It works great, but I noticed that some addresses are not synched ?

This might be caused by a bug / missing feature in Zindus whereby it does NOT sync mailgroups. In fact, it even skips the contacts in the groups too. Removing the groups will solve the issue.

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If I upgrade to Thunderbird 3.0.3, will lightning and the Google provider still work ?

Sure, but you need to install the latest versions available at: for Lightning 1.0b1

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As of Thunderbird 1.3.6, the extra folder columns are gone !?

As of Thunderbird version 1.3.6, some nice but apparently less-used features were stripped, and are now only available as add-ons: Extra Folder Columns: Shows the number of messages and size ...

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How can I open WINMAIL.DAT attachments ?

The easiest way is to use the freeware too Winmail Opener, available at

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Onderwerp: Tools

How can I extract images and text from PDF documents or convert them to Word or HTML?

Some PDF to Word Converter: PDF to Text Converter: PDF to Html Converter:http://www.somepdf.c...

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Onderwerp: Various

How can I delete my Facebook account ?


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Onderwerp: Video

Which free tools do your recommend for video converting and playback ?

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Onderwerp: video, mailing

Hoe voeg je een video toe aan jouw email?

Voeg onderstaande HTML code toe aan jouw e-mailbericht. <style> [class~="x_videoWrapper"]{ display: none !important; } [class~="x_videoFallback"]{ display: block !impo...

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Onderwerp: Virus

Nederlandstalige uitleg over Spybot Search and Destroy

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Onderwerp: WAMP

Things to change once you have installed WAMP

FYI you can download WAMP from To allow the use of "<?" in stead of "<?php", enable the PHP short_tags in WAMP > PHP > PHP Settings Change MYS...

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Onderwerp: Webdesign

Kunnen jullie een website volledig op maat maken ?

Zeer zeker! Make IT Work heeft al jarenlang ervaring met het bouwen van websites die echt werken. Van eenvoudige websites in de stijl van een on-line visitekaartje tot een uiterst complete websstek...

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Onderwerp: website

Hoe kan ik checken of mijn webpagina duidelijk leesbaar is op een smartphone?

Google ontwikkelde de gratis Mobielvriendelijke test.

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Onderwerp: Windows

How do I check if all system files are still OK ?

Run SFC /SCANNOW to repair any potentially damaged system files. To find out how to interprete the results:

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How do i send ctrl-alt-del to my remote computer via VNC ?

Press F8 and a menu will appear, then select "Send Ctrl-Alt-Del"

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How do I send ctrl-alt-del to my remote computer via RDP (Remote Desktop) ?

Press Ctrl-Alt-End

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What is a good screenshot tool ?

I tried many (many !) and FastStone Capture is the best.http://www.faststone.orgOk, it's not free, but worth the money

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How do I safely remove my hot-swappable SATA disk

If your disk doesn't show up in the regular "Safely Remove Hardware" toolbar, you need to download HotSwap!

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