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How can I remove those nasty little particles of dust and lint which got stuck under my screen protector ?

Onderwerp: iPad

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iPad protectorYou all know the feeling...

You spend nearly half an hour meticulously cleaning your hands and the surface of your shiny new iPad (or iPhone)...
Then, you  apply the screen protector, realizing how shaky your hands are, to then finally and carefully lay the protecting sheet of plastic on top your surgically cleaned iPad.

Tadaaaaaa ! You start breathing again, and, while a big grin is starting to appear, you suddenly notice: There are specs of dust trapped under your screen protiector !!! Doh !

At this part, I come to the rescue...

Scotch tapeThe solution to get rid of these nasty little particles is as simple as ingenious...

Simply take a piece of ordinary Scotch transparent tape to pick them up !

Stick one piece of tape on the corner of your protective film and, using this piece like a little handle, carefully lift the corner. Then, use another piece of tape to pick up the little particles.

Tip: clean your hands (again), make sure you're in a dust-free environment again and... cut some of the tape in advance and make sure tto use the side of the tape without your greasy fingerprints !