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Frequently Asked Questions

Categorie: Windows

How do I check if all system files are still OK ?

Run SFC /SCANNOW to repair any potentially damaged system files. To find out how to interprete the results:

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How do i send ctrl-alt-del to my remote computer via VNC ?

Press F8 and a menu will appear, then select "Send Ctrl-Alt-Del"

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How do I send ctrl-alt-del to my remote computer via RDP (Remote Desktop) ?

Press Ctrl-Alt-End

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What is a good screenshot tool ?

I tried many (many !) and FastStone Capture is the best.http://www.faststone.orgOk, it's not free, but worth the money

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How do I safely remove my hot-swappable SATA disk

If your disk doesn't show up in the regular "Safely Remove Hardware" toolbar, you need to download HotSwap!

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