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Categorie: Thunderbird

I am using Zindus to sync my Google contacts with Thunderbird. It works great, but I noticed that some addresses are not synched ?

This might be caused by a bug / missing feature in Zindus whereby it does NOT sync mailgroups. In fact, it even skips the contacts in the groups too. Removing the groups will solve the issue.

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If I upgrade to Thunderbird 3.0.3, will lightning and the Google provider still work ?

Sure, but you need to install the latest versions available at: for Lightning 1.0b1

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As of Thunderbird 1.3.6, the extra folder columns are gone !?

As of Thunderbird version 1.3.6, some nice but apparently less-used features were stripped, and are now only available as add-ons: Extra Folder Columns: Shows the number of messages and size ...

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How can I open WINMAIL.DAT attachments ?

The easiest way is to use the freeware too Winmail Opener, available at

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