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Onderwerp: Adobe

Adobe Creative Cloud Apps keep on asking to Sign In

In my case, Adobe folders didn't had permissions and activation files wer...

Onderwerp: Adobe Acrobat

How can I reverse the order of pages in a PDF document?

Imagine you have scanned a batch of documents, and they are in reversed order. Antwoord

Onderwerp: Chrome

Chrome doesn't have a Send to email function. How can I fix this?

Easy: Add a book mark, and specify the following as URL: javascript:location....

Onderwerp: Contribute

Error message: This website is being administered with a newer version of Contribute

This happens when your website is being administered with a newer version of&...


How can i edit the source code of page in Contribute ?

You may wish to edit source code of a page, e.g. to edit some Javascript.


Onderwerp: Excel

I am no longer able to navigate through the cells of my worksheet

Typically, when you press the arrow keys, the active cursor moves to the next...

Onderwerp: Firefox

What is a browser ?

Simple question, no ? Not for everybody it apparently...
Check out Antwoord

Bestaat er een Belgische AdBlock lijst ?

Kijk op deze link voor alle gekende lists: Antwoord

How can I lower the memory footprint of Mozilla Firefox ?

Looking to Reduce Your Firefox Footprint?

Firefox is supposed to ...


Can I change the default (wrong) country specific version of Google when searching via Google in Firefox ?

To search on, you just have to type in Antwoord

Is there a way I can deny cookies from being stored in Firefox ?

Yes, via the "Permit Cookies" add-on: Antwoord

Onderwerp: Fotografie

Gratis cursussen digitale fotografie ?

Canon biedt een aantl handige tips aan:


Hoe maak ik fotos van de sterrenhemel ?


Onderwerp: Google Contacts

Can I sync my Google Contacts with Outlook 2010?

Yes, and even for free! Antwoord

Onderwerp: Google Privacy

Can I see and delete my personal data Google stores ?

Yep. Check out Goog...

Onderwerp: GoogleDrive

I cannot change the proxy settings in Google Drive when connected directly. The Apply Changes button is greyed out

This can happen if you switched between "direct connection" and &qu...

Onderwerp: Graphics

Can I make my own tilt-shift images?

Yep, using the free on-line service Antwoord

Can I look for a specific font when I onbly have an image of it ?

Yes, you sure can !

Go to Antwoord

Onderwerp: GSM

Mijn Proximus GSM springt te snel op voicemail. Hoe pas ik aantal belsignalen aan?

Het aantal belsignalen zelf kan je niet aanpassen, maar wel het aantal second...

Onderwerp: Hardware

Help ! a key fell off my laptop keyboard

One or more keys fell off the laptop keyboard and you are not sure how to put...

Onderwerp: iPad

Can the iPad sync multiple Google calendars in Agenda ?

Yes, via a work-around:

How can I remove those nasty little particles of dust and lint which got stuck under my screen protector ?

iPad protector Antwoord

My iPad seems not to be charging via USB when I hook it up to my PC ?


Onderwerp: iPhone

Can I sync more than one Google agenda to my smartphone?

Yes. By default, only the default calendar is synced to your phone.

Onderwerp: Magento

Cannot read CSV file exported from Magento

Check this link: Antwoord

Onderwerp: MapSource

Problems with registry settings of MapSource GPS software on 64bit versions of Windows ?

Remember that 32bit applications (such as MapSource) store their settings i...

Onderwerp: NAS

How to test the actual speed of my NAS device

Use the Intel NAS Performance Toolkit:


Onderwerp: Network

How do I enable Wake on LAN on my D-link DIR655?

1. Login the router and go to Virtual Server page. 2. Add a new rule: - selec...

Onderwerp: Office

Can I open ODF files in Microsoft Office ?

Yes you can, using the free ODF converter plugin for Excel, Powerpoint and Word,...


How can i get rid of right sidebar with publicity in Word or Excel Starter?

Although it is not allowed (cfr. EULA), you can hide this bar using a small util...

Onderwerp: Outlook

How to repair corrupted PST file ?

Repairing a Personal Folders file (.pst)

You may need to use the In...

Onderwerp: PC

How can I obtain serial number form my PC?

Open a command prompt and type "wmic bios get serialnumber"

Onderwerp: Photography

Can I retrieve photos from a corrupted SD memory card ?

Fortunately, you can !!

Use the freeware FileRecovey tool from PCInspec...


Is there an easy way to calibrate your screen ?

Yes, take a look at Antwoord

Looking for a decent bag to store your camera but cannot make up your mind ?

Then try the Kata-bags website where you can look for the ideal model, basedon y...


Is there any free Image Stitching software ?


  • Microsoft Image Composite Editor (ICE) Antwoord
Onderwerp: Photoshop

Easier way to add watermark to multiple images.

Kigo Image converter is the tool !

Onderwerp: proximus

Wat zijn de juiste Proximus internet en email settings voor mijn smartphone?

Internet Instellingen


Onderwerp: RoundCube

RoudnCube webmail is getting slow and MDB2 errors are shown in the log file

Empty the tables "messages" and "cache".

In addition, and as a general ma...

Onderwerp: SMTP

How can I test an SMTP server via telnet ?

telnet 25
helo me
mail from:[email protected]  ...

Onderwerp: Software

I just bought myself a new PC and it is full of bloatware. How do I get rid of all this unwanted software easily ?

Simple: download and run ...

Onderwerp: Support

Is there an alternative for TeamViewer, VNC or LogmeIn ?

Yep, a very lightweight tool called Ammyy. It doesn't need to be installed - jus...

Onderwerp: Thunderbird

I am using Zindus to sync my Google contacts with Thunderbird. It works great, but I noticed that some addresses are not synched ?

This might be caused by a bug / missing feature in Zindus whereby it does NOT ...


If I upgrade to Thunderbird 3.0.3, will lightning and the Google provider still work ?

Sure, but you need to install the latest versions available at:

As of Thunderbird 1.3.6, the extra folder columns are gone !?

As of Thunderbird version 1.3.6, some nice but apparently less-used features w...


How can I open WINMAIL.DAT attachments ?

The easiest way is to use the freeware too Winmail Opener, available at Antwoord

Onderwerp: Tools

How can I extract images and text from PDF documents or convert them to Word or HTML?

Some PDF to Word Converter:

Onderwerp: Various

How can I delete my Facebook account ?

Simple: http:/...

Onderwerp: Video

Which free tools do your recommend for video converting and playback ?

Onderwerp: Virus

Nederlandstalige uitleg over Spybot Search and Destroy


Onderwerp: WAMP

Things to change once you have installed WAMP

FYI you can download WAMP from


Onderwerp: Webdesign

Kunnen jullie een website volledig op maat maken ?

Zeer zeker! Make IT Work heeft al jarenlang ervaring met het bouwen van websi...

Onderwerp: Windows

How do I check if all system files are still OK ?

Run SFC /SCANNOW to repair any potentially damaged system files.



Commodo firewall / CPF.exe hammering the MSCTF.dll file

Killing CTFMON.EXE process and/or disabling "Advanced Text Services" in Control ...


How do i send ctrl-alt-del to my remote computer via VNC ?

Press F8 and a menu will appear, then select "Send Ctrl-Alt-Del"


How do I send ctrl-alt-del to my remote computer via RDP (Remote Desktop) ?

Press Ctrl-Alt-End


What is a good screenshot tool ?

I tried many (many !) and FastStone Capture is the best.


How do I safely remove my hot-swappable SATA disk

If your disk doesn't show up in the regular "Safely Remove Hardware" toolbar, yo...